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March 2020               REVERB.COM Show 0 0 0 0 he top 5 influential black entrepreneurs every Austinite should know about!"-Culturemap.com 

"For Austin, multitalented Hip Hop artist Terrany Johnson, also known as Tee-Double, is the city's version of music royalty"

-TODO Magazine 

To borrow a line from Jay-Z, local rhyme-sayer Tee Double is not a businessman; he's a business, man.-Austin Powell, Austin Chronicle 

Tee-Double is nothing if not prolific. The local hip-hop kingpin has released at least one LP per year for as long as anyone can remember.

 -Thomas Fawcett, Austin Chronicle 

Tee-Double was named The Cultural Ambassador of Austin,Texas Hip Hop by Insite Magazine

Shall We Begin.... Associate member of The Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association


March 2020 Tee Double private recording studio Teetopia Studios in Austin,Texas was featured on the top studio gear site REVERB.COM Show Us Your Space feature!


June 2019 Tee-Double and his Urban Artist Alliance have been renewed as an Associate Member of The Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyer Association 

March and April 2019 Tee-Double was selected by the Austin Music Foundation for their Artist Consulting Program. using his over 30 years in the music industry to assist aspiring and seasoned artist in new ways to create a sustainable career in the ever changing music landscape.

 Sept. 2018 Tee-Double was selected for the incoming class of the ALL ATX Leadership Program. ALL ATX Leadership recruits influential and respected music, film, tech, business, and government leaders for an education and community building program.!!

 Sept. 2018 Tee-Double becomes a founding governing board member of Music Moves Austin a non profit organization, with pending IRS section 501(c)(4) tax exempt status, comprised of a diverse group of music industry stakeholders representing Austin’s $1.6 billion commercial music sector. The goal of Music Moves Austin is to engage the broader music community and to advocate for the preservation and empowerment of Austin's: musicians, music businesses, culture, and communities.

June 2018 Tee-Double wins the "I Am Austin" category at the Austin Hip Hop Awards!! 

May 2018 Tee-Double was nominated as a finalist in the Austin Hip Hop Awards in the "I Am Austin" category! 

May 2018 The Urban Artist Alliance was awarded a major shared grant by the Austin Music Foundations Music Industry Collaborative program for innovative companies with a focus on giving back to the community using the arts,alongside Mosaic Sound Collective co working hub and St. Elmo Sound stage 

May 2018 The Urban Artist Alliance was nominated as a finalist in the Austin A-List awards in the Emerging Company category for companies making under a million dollars!

November 2017 Terrany "Tee-Double" Johnson as founder of the Urban Artist Alliance was accepted into the Austin Music Foundations Music Industry Collaborative program. A select group (7) are invited to further build their companies in the fields of music and business while connecting with VCs,mentors and business leaders in Austin and beyond to further their visions and continue contributing to our communities!

October 2017 Tee-Double was named as an Austin Music Awards Hall of Fame Nominee for his over 30 years of contributing to the music industry in Austin,Texas. 

October 2017 Tee-Double was invited to write a short editorial in the Austin Chronicle for their Texas Hall of Fame series about local artist who inspired the them.Tee-Double wrote about the legendary Austin Hip Hop group The Project Crew who took him under their wings and taught him the trade of creating music.

 August 2017 Tee-Double was appointed by Steve Adler the Mayor of Austin, TX to sit on the Equity Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts and Music Committee.Developing new ways for the city to embrace the urban creatives in Austin,Texas as the city expands in population and economic growth. 

July 2017 Tee-Double was invited as the Opening Reception Speaker of The Arts & Digital Literacy Institute 2017 Conference.Speaking on how to be successful in the actual business of music, as well as someone who gives back to the community. The conference is dedicated to fine arts teachers from across the state of Texas who are at the professional development institute for arts and technology curriculum. 

June 2017 The organization founded by Tee-Double, the Urban Artist Alliance was featured ON THE COVER of TODO Austin magazine!

 June 2017 The organization founded by Tee-Double, the Urban Artist Alliance partnered with national non profit Notes for Notes to provide a meeting place and educational platform for young urban creatives with his third installment of Hip Hop Rhymes to Business Minds at the historic Doris Miller Auditorium located on the east side of Austin,Texas. 

May 2017 Co-Headline on the Rhyme Time Hip Hop Fest in Austin,Texas alongside AFU-RA from Gangstarr fame and west coast legends Aceyalone,Abstract Rude and Myka Nyne! Alongside over 60 central Texas artist and Djs. 

March 2017 The organization founded by Tee-Double, the Urban Artist Alliance was nominated in the Austin Independent Business Alliance "Armadillo Awards" for the Soul of Austin award given to innovators and creators who display some of the many aspects of Austin in their business. 

December 2016 Tee-Double was nominated in the Austin Hip Hop Awards for Best Producer and for the I Am Austin award given to innovators who continuously represent all that is Austin Hip Hop.

 December 6th, 2016 Tee-Double was honored to be a featured artist in the Austin Anthology book Seduced By Sound .It features over 100 of Austin,Texas best musicians as well as amazing stories of their career. Tee-Double is the ONLY Hip Hop act with a chapter in the book. 

November 18th, 2016 Tee-Double was honored by the WeR1 Summit as well as the 10K Fearless campaign for being a leading force in the growth and sustaining of Hip Hop in the Austin community as well enduring and overcoming the systemic destruction of black men in America and emerging as a clear example of triumph. 

November 11th,2016 Headliner at the FICP Conference Financial & Insurance Conference Planners (FICP®) provides access to education, experience and resources targeting the needs of financial services and insurance meeting planners from across North America.

 October 22nd,2016 Invited as a guest speaker at the 2nd Annual StandUP Black Male Summit being held at the Historic Black College Huston Tillotson in Austin,Texas. STAND UP 2016 is a citywide summit strategically designed to create a safe space in which Black men can learn, teach, share and grow together.

September 23rd, 2016 Invited to present and speak about my work in music and the community at the Department of States International Visitor Leadership Program "Engaging Youth Through Music" in Austin,Texas with delegates from Near East and North Africa.To illustrate the role of music as it relates to constitutionally guaranteed free speech and it's power and potential to shape communities.Demonstrating how musicians and activists support or react to political agendas and social concerns in urban and rural communities.

August 18th, 2016 Was proclaimed by The City of Austin and the Mayors office as Urban Artist Alliance Day after the organization Tee-Double founded to assist in furthering community involvement in the arts while creating sustainable tools for urban musicians to not only be better creatives but better business people.

August 2016 Akademia Award Winner for Best Rap/Funk Song for Want Some Mo off the Ambassador Status E.P. 

August 2016 Certified as a Justice or Else Conflict Resolution Mediator for the 10K Fearless initiative to resolve conflicts in the black communities

August 2016 Tee-Double was featured discussing the Black Mics Matter Compilation on Backstage Pass with Andy Langer aired on Time Warner Cable. 

August 2016 Tee-Double and the Black Mics Matter Compilation was featured in TODO Austin Magazine.

August 2016 Tee-Double and the Black Mics Matter compilation was featured on Austin360 

August 2016 Executive Produced Black Mics Matter. A compilation speaking on race,brutality by police and the struggles of being black in America along with the triumphs that come from them.

June 2016 Released his 27th album Ambassador Status!

2016 Austin A-List of the Hottest Startups Awards nominee!

2016 Feature story in the April/May issue of Eastside Magazine! 

2016 Nominated for the Greater Austin Black Chamber Small Business AustinPreneur of the Year Award

2016 His non profit organization Urban Artist Alliance was asked to partner with Spotify and Mindpop the Austin non profit to build a recording facility in his old junior high school of Kealing in Austin,Texas! 

2016 Featured in the March Music issue of Austin Monthly!

2016 Released the new mini book "Be The Impossible-Chasing Dreams Until You Catch Em" Submit your email and the book will be emailed to you!

2016 CULTURE MAP FEATURE! 5 influential black entrepreneurs every Austinite should know about! 

2015 KLRU and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting / Honored as an American Graduate Champion!

2015 Graduated from the Mix With The Masters week long seminars series which are held at the legendary studio La Fabrique which is located in the beautiful Saint-Rémy de Provence (south of France)! This session was lead by Young Guru who is the Dj and Engineer for Jay Z amongst others. A limited number of students get accepted so it was an honor to be one of the few to be included in this hands on direct learning experience in mixing, recording and production!

2015 The Tee-Double track The Wolves is featured in The Start Up, an original B.E.T movie starring Diggy Simmons (Run of Run DMC son) 

2015 Released his 26th solo album GAS MASK on his own Kinetic Global Media Group Label!

2015 His company Kinetic Global Media Group was a finalist in the Austin A-list competion for the hottest Emerging start ups in Music and Technology under a million dollars! 

2015 Featured in the Producer Cross talk section in Music Connection Magazine

2015 A panelist for the Nation Of Islam Savior's Day series The Intensifying Universal Cry For Justice on The Origins Of Hip Hop. Spoke about the Urban Artist Alliance.

2015 Featured on the album Parallels Volume 1 (Frog Music Licensing) featuring Austin musicians performing other Austin musicians songs!

2015 Nominee of KLRU and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for The American Graduate Champion! 

Those organizations and individuals whose work is having an impact in their communities, and offering hope for even greater progress on critical issue as drop out rates and education. 

2014 Awarded BEST INTERVIEW from the Texas Artist Showcase Awards for an interview on the ins and outs of sustainable revenue challenges of the music business. Also covering the continued growth and struggle of Hip Hop in Austin,Texas..

2014 Partnered his Urban Artist Alliance with local non profit Grounded In Music to teach a 7 week course on Hip Hop and it's creation at the Austin Boys and Girls Club.

2014 Selected as an Advisory Board Member for aspiring artist and winners of 10thousand dollar grants made possible by local non profit Black Fret to further there careers and dreams. Honored!

2014 Nominated for the Austin Music People / Esme Barrera Music Education and Activism Award

2012-2014 Elected onto the Board of Governors for The Texas Chapter of The Grammys!!

Tx. Chapter of The Grammys Education & Advocacy Committee -Involved in creating the first ever 2014 Grammy Chapter College Scholarship fund for Grammy U. students to further their education.

TX Chapter of The Grammys Producers and Engineer Committee 

2014 Partnered with Austin Music People to assist in the creation of an Amendment by Austin City Council for Austins Downtown Density Bonus Program plan were if a future business/venue is involved in Pay2Play (over charging artist to perform instead of paying artist for starters) they would be denied funding assistance from the city to build. A historic move that will affect artist for years to come.History Was Made!!

2013 Featured in the October 2013 issue of Real:Austin Living! More here.

2013 Top 50 Austin albums! Rosie's Boy (#31) Here OVRLD.COM

2013 Top 12 artist to see in Austin,Texas! (#4) Here Insite Magazine 

2012 Featured in the August issue of The Austin Business Journal for founding the Urban Artist Alliance! More here.

2012 Featured in the October issue of Culturemap More here.

September 30,2010 The Austin City Council and Mayor Lee Leffingwell proclaimed "Tee-Double Day" in Tee-Doubles hometown of Austin,Texas!! For many years Tee-Double has been a trail blazer in the Texas music scene in not just the Hip Hop arena but various genres and globally as well.


2012 Founded/Urban Artist Alliance

A place for artists to display their music and craft by being able to to attract and build a brand that is long term and will continue to generate revenue while giving the proper tools to succeed and pass on to those who follow behind them. 

Featured in Austin Monthly Magazine,The Austin Business Journal as well as The Start Up Spotlight in THE UPSTART BUSINESS JOURNAL for founding the Urban Artist Alliance

Dec. 2012 Featured in the issue of Austin Monthly Magazine "Music Talk" Section (Urban Legend Heading)

Tee-Double privately owned Kinetic Global Studio Press:

Oct. 2014 issue of Music Tech Magazine"Show Off Your Studio" Section!

Oct. 2013 issue of REAL: Authentic Austin Living magazine"Inside The Studio" Section!

Jan. 2013 issue of Electronic Musician Magazine "Dig My Rig" section!

Oct. 2012 issue of Music Tech Magazine "In My Studio" section!

Guest Speaker/Lectures:

2016 Guest panelist for the 2nd Annual Black Male Summit held at the Historic Black College Huston-Tillotson in Austin,Texas.

2016 Guest speaker for Euphoria ATX/U.T. @ Austin (a weekly meeting about the business world with speakers in the tech and music fields)

2013 McCombs Business School/U.T. @ Austin (Texas Talks)

2012 Austin Community College

Songwriting and Business Strategy

1999 University of Texas/Austin

Independent Artist Strategy and The Art of Freestyle

1998 Prairie View A&M

Music Business and Career Development


On the roster of Shelly Bay Music handling licensing for a majority of the Tee-Double catalog in the U.S.

Partnered with AWAL/Kobalt to distribute select Kinetic Global releases in overseas markets.

Associated with FME-Culture to further integrate music and various lifestyle brands.

AMC-3X Emmy winning Breaking Bad Season 4 (Bringing it Back from The Growth album)

Microsoft/ZUNE player ("RUMP" Ursula 1000 feat: Tee-Double on the MYSTICS album ESL Music)

Myspace ("RUMP" Ursula 1000 feat: Tee-Double on the MYSTICS album ESL Music)

Benavides Born "All She Can" (Feature Film including "Hey D.J." from Bio-Music)

Big Game (feature film featuring "Changes" from the Lone Star e.p.)

A&E channel-Roller Girls series ( performance )

ABC - My Generation ( Episode 7-extra/background actor)

Stuff I'm honored to have created,achieved or been apart of......

2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix inaugural Austin Fan Fest!

(Headlined with Hip Hop star NELLY and Global star Enrique Iglasias)

2012-Austin Convention and Visitor Bureau: -REELtunes Compilation including "Hey D.J." (Celebrating Austin musicians whose music has been featured in films)

2012-Featured on-Beto and The Fairlanes (Greatest Hits) "Salsafied" a track I recorded with this band back in 1994!

2012-Austin 360 Winner (American Statesman Newspaper) Best Rapper in town! 97% of the votes!!

2011-International Songwriting Competition ("I Carry On" from the album Vintage Visionz was a semi-finalist out of 16,000 songwriters)

2011-Austin Convention and Visitor Bureau: -Austin's Soul Compilation (The first ever celebrating Urban Music from Austin)

2011-Austin Convention and Visitor Bureau: -Austin Music Compilation #10! Featuring the best in Austins music scene and the first and only volume pressed to vinyl!

2011-Induction -Texas Music Museum (The Growing the Tradition exhibit with a focus on Hip-Hop)

Sept.30,2010- proclaimed -Tee-Double Day in Austin,Texas (By The Austin City Council and Mayor Lee Leffingwell)

2010-Advisory Board Member - GV Evolutions

(Helping Austin artists to achieve career goals and build sustainable businesses around their music.)

2009-2010 Austin Music Awards winner!!!

Best Hip Hop!!!

2004-2005-Austin Music Award!!

Best Experimental w/ BOOMBOX-ATX!!

(As a member of Austin Hip Hop band BoomBox ATX)


(Featured Artist) Ursula 1000 album "MYSTICS" track-RUMP (ESL Music)

Featured performer on the B-BOY CITY 13 DVD!

2005-KVRX Radio (Featured Artist) Local Live Vol. 11

2004-Austin Music Foundation

(Featured Artist) "Spotlight Series c.d."

2004-FeedBack Magazine (Featured Artist) 5th Anniversary compilation

ECKO Clothing compilation

2000-(Featured Artist) 'Some of some the coolest rappers you've never heard"

(Featured Artist/Co-Producer) MIRAGE album L.I.A.R. (GoodVibe Recordings)

3 nights only Texas Tour -Austin,San Antonio & San Marcos!

Abstract Rude,Zulu Butterfly & D.J. Drez (ATU)-(Project Blowed) 2007!

2006-A Few Good Men Tour 

East Coast and Midwest dates featuring Del,A-Plus,Psalm One,Motion Man,Mike Relm and Bukue One!!!

2005-CKinetic Global (Founder)

Formally Kinetic Marketing. Now as Kinetic Global we are a multi-media company catering to the global entertainment industry in the field of music production,commercials,voice overs,artist consulting,artist bookings,radio,retail,urban lifestyle marketing ,fashion,film,product positioning and more!


46 U.S. and Canadian dates.Featuring Del the funky homosapien,Zion I,Aceyalone,Abstract Rude,Myka 9 & Bukue one!!

2004-The Texas Chapter of The Grammys® (Grammy in Schools Program)

Invited speaker at The University of Texas at Austin to educate central Texas high school students including Tee Doubles very own McCallum High School on various angles of the recording industry.Ranging from publishing,royalties,song writing,music production and more.

2002-Austin Music Foundation (Advisory Board Member/Urban Arts Director)

A non-profit organization created for the artistic and economic empowerment creation and preservation of Austins unique musical heritage with emphasis on the steady development of a strong music community.Assist in the arranging of The Music Industry Boot Camp (a monthly seminar catering to the continued sharing of music industry information from industry professionals)Developing a musical curriculum dedicated to the urban music community.

2000-Show -n- Prove (co-publisher/writer/artistic director)

A bi-monthly non-profit newsletter catering to the business aspect of the urban music community.With features on music production,publishing,media promotion,upcoming events and various group forums.

2000-Cp-Producer of "L.I.A.R-E.P." on Goodvibe Recordings /JCOR /Atomic Pop

Released by the artist MIRAGE this e.p. was co-produced by Tee-Double

1999-Kinetic Marketing (Co-Founder)

A one stop promotion vehicle for artist/labels in the southern region to tap into surrounding markets.

1999-"Lost Scriptures-E.P." on Goodvibe Recordings /JCOR /Atomic Pop

Under the name TEE-DOUBLE the e.p. was self produced also creating a presence for artist to get exposure in the southern and global marketplace.

1998-2000-Urban Music Director / South by Southwest Music and Film Conference

Arrange and coordinate artist showcases,industry panels,book venues and bring awareness to the urban scene in Austin,Texas.

1997-Arista Records / Austin Branch (Assistant to publicity and promotion)

Gather competitive recap and tracking of the labels artist.Created magazine advertisements,organized radio correspondence and tour support.

1997-KVRX 91.7FM (College Radio) Co-Host of Urban Concepts

A show dedicated to Urban Soul and Hip Hop with D.J. Mike Swing & Tee-Double.

1996-Sector 2 Records (intern)

Assisted in tour support,promotions.direct marketing and contributed to A&R duties.

1994-"Salsafied " recorded by Beto and the Fairlanes (Co-writer/featured artist)

cowrote and appeared on the album and title track "SALSAFIED"released on Dos/Antones records.

1994-Tribes Records (Co-visionary/student)

A label started by the American Institute for Learning to guide young at-risk youth other options in life such as music and the business of music .Assisted in the growth,development and songwriting / producing duties at the label.

1994-Tee-Double was honored by the City of Austin and received the "Freedom to Achieve" award.

Prior to 1994

Tee-Double was just a kid with a dream and the drive to make that vision come true in the music industry.Shine On