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"Terrany Johnson,One of the top 5 influential black entrepreneurs every Austinite should know about!"-Culturemap.com
Urban Artist Alliance

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Tee Double was featured on the top gear site REVERB.COM talking about his influence and gear in TEETOPIA STUDIOS!!

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"For Austin, multi talented Hip Hop artist Terrany Johnson, also known as Tee-Double, is the city's version of music royalty"

-TODO Magazine

From receiving his first keyboard at age 8 to mailing his first demo to Warner Bros records at age 9,Tee-Double knew at an early age when kids where trying to color in the lines that he wanted to go far outside the lines and pursue a career in music AT AGE 9!   With his consistent output of music over the years ( 32 releases ) he shows no sign of stopping!!   

From winning multiple awards in music & advocacy,founding the Urban Artist Alliance.creating Teetopia Studios,numerous Advisory Boards,Community Activism as well as on the  Board of  Governor for the Texas Chapter of the Grammys!  More Bio Here! 

This is a journey worth watching! 

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Need music for film,tv and gaming? We supply the emotional connection to your customers through music. Tee Double has been featured in Austin Business Journal,Austin Chronicle,Music Tech magazine,Music Connection magazine,TODO Magazine,

Culture Map, and more!



Every product has its own unique vibe that needs to be met in launching,so Tee Double provide numerous musical sound beds to accomplish that goal from original creations.  Tee Double is non stop with new refreshing ideas for any product line or visual supplied.A truly joint experience from start to release.

 Let's sync Up!!


Tee Double wins the 2010 SXSW Austin Music Awards for Best Hip Hop! .

Tee Double Day proclaimed on Sept. 30th! 2010

2010 Tee Double proclaimed on Sept. 30th! A Great Honor for the kid from Kealing.

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